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Appalachian State University Scholarships

North Carolina Scholarships

Situated in North Carolina surrounded by the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Appalachian State University offers approximately 200 undergraduate and graduate programs to their incoming students. Founded in 1899, the Appalachian State University is a place of great scenic beauty that allows the students to cool off after an intensive class.

In addition to beautiful landscape, the quality education attracts students from all over the country. Having dedicated professors that cares for their students, the community of Appalachian State University has never been closer.

Offering great academic programs with accreditation, the Appalachian State University is filled with state-of-the-art facilities and high-tech research lab that helps makes student’s dreams come true.

But, the greatest of all is the scholarships that are offered to incoming freshmen, transfers, and current students of Appalachian State University. There are many high-value scholarships that are available for incoming students, so make sure to apply for those scholarships first!

Types of Scholarships Offered at Appalachian State

There are many scholarships offered at Appalachian State University, and, to help you out, these scholarships are separated into little organized sections. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy!

1. Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen

Since there are many incoming students to Appalachian State University, there are many scholarships that are offered to incoming freshmen. For your comfort, this list goes from the scholarship with the highest value to the lowest, but don’t just skip since there can be helpful information hidden inside the scholarships with low values.

Also, the high-value scholarships are mostly competitive, which means a separate application has to be made in addition to your application for admissions.

A. Chancellor’s Scholars

This is a highly competitive scholarship since it covers your tuition fees and a whole lot more. Only awarded to students with outstanding academic achievements and pretty high standardized test scores, the Chancellor’s Scholarship has the following benefits:

  • Full Tuition, Room & Board, and Book Stipend
  • Opportunity to Learn in Chancellor’s Scholars Special Course
  • Full Coverage to Study Abroad Opportunities
  • Research Opportunities and Traveling Funds for Conferences
  • Stipend for Attending Summer Programs
  • First Priority for Class Registration During the School Year
  • Participation in Honors College’s Activities and Lectures
  • One-to-One Mentoring Sessions with the Honors College Faculty
  • Special Housing for Honors Students

To be considered for the Chancellor’s Scholarship, the applicant must submit the admissions application, and also be admitted into Honors College of Appalachian State University. In addition, the applicant must submit a separate application for this scholarship since it is highly competitive.

As you can see above, there are many special benefits that come with being a Chancellor’s Scholars. Make sure you apply for admissions and fulfill any requirements since this award is only given to ten students each year.

For further information, visit Appalachian State Chancellor’s Scholars.

B. ACCESS Scholars Program

Available only to North Carolina Residents, the Appalachian State made a promise for low-income families in North Carolina that college education is possible and affordable. For students who are admitted into Appalachian State and are selected for the ACCESS Program, they can graduate debt-free even after four years of higher education.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Full Tuition, Room & Board, and Mandatory Fees
  • Available Stipend*

*Students can have a work-study job in order to have an additional income that you can use as a monthly allowance.

For further information, view ACCESS Program Specifics.

C. Dr. Willie C. Fleming Scholarship

Established by a former graduate of Appalachian State University, this scholarship program is designated to promote diversity in the University.

Awarded to students who have a desire to promote cultural diversity (through past actions or involvement in activities) and also being from an underrepresented population (includes but not limited to: African-Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans), this scholarship contains the following benefits:

  • Full In-State Tuition* and Fees
  • Personal Mentoring Sessions with Appalachian Alumni
  • Attend Special Events Only for Fleming Scholars
  • Interactions Between Your Fellow Fleming Scholars

*For many universities nation-wide, they offer two types of tuition fees for incoming students. The first is in-state tuition, which offers low tuition fees if the student is the resident of that state; however, out-of-state tuition is a larger cost for students that are not the residents of that particular state.

To encourage students to attend universities from their home state, the Appalachian Universities offers low tuition fees for North Carolina Residents.

For more information, view Dr. Willie C Fleming Scholarship.

D. Appalachian State Diversity Scholars Program

Based on various factors and eligibility requirements, the Diversity Scholars Program offers the following benefits to Diversity Scholars:

  • Full In-State Tuition Fees
  • Traveling Funds for Study Abroad Opportunity
  • Leadership Opportunities and Community Service
  • Interactions with Fellow Diversity Scholars

Because of many factors that go into consideration, please visit the link down below for further details. Also, since this is a competitive scholarship, a separate scholarship application is required.

For more information, visit Appalachian Diversity Scholars Program.

E. W.H. Plemmons Leadership Scholars Program

Founded by the Appalachian State University’s second president, the Leadership Scholars Program is for students who show high academic achievements in addition to active participation in school and extracurricular activities. The W.H. Plemmons Leadership Scholars receive the following benefits:

  • Receive a Partial Scholarship of $2,000 Per Year
  • Special Opportunities in Leadership Training
  • Increased Access in Appalachian’s Voluntary Activities
  • Involved with Leadership Class Specifically for Leadership Scholars
  • Traveling Funding for Leadership Conferences
  • First Priority for Class Registration
  • Interactions with Fellow W.H. Plemmons Leadership Scholars

Even though it does not provide that much in scholarship money, the W.H. Plemmons Leadership Scholars receive invaluable training that lasts them throughout the years. Since this scholarship is also a highly competitive scholarship, the applicants are required to submit a separate application in addition to your admissions application.

For further information, visit W.H. Plemmons Leadership Scholarships.

F. Alumni Memorial Scholarship (Students Whose Parents are Graduates of Appalachian State University)

G. Departmental Scholarships (Awarded by Different Departments and Colleges Within Appalachian State)

To see the full list of freshmen scholarships, visit Appalachian Scholarships for First-Year Students.

2. Scholarships for Transfer Students

Even for students who are transferring to Appalachian State, this University has set aside some scholarships for you! To be considered for a transfer scholarship, the applicant must show academic potential from the transferring university and involvement in extracurricular activities.

For further information, view Scholarship List for Transfers.

3. Scholarships for Current Students

There is a low chance of current students from Appalachian State visiting this website, but we have not forgotten about you! This University also offers scholarships for returning and continuing students, so make sure to check out your scholarships in the link down below!

For more information, visit Appalachian Continuing Student Awards.

4. Need-Based Scholarships

Funded by the federal government, the need-based scholarships are based on demonstrated financial need that is shown through FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). To be considered for this scholarship, fill out the FAFSA as soon as possible since funding is limited.

For further information, view Appalachian Need-Based Scholarships.

5. External Scholarships

In addition to scholarships from Appalachian State University, there are scholarship opportunities that are offered by outside sources. Since there is no limit on how many external scholarships that you can apply, apply as many as you can, and as early as you can!

For further information, view Outside Scholarship Opportunities.

Conclusion: Any Questions?

Even after you have finished reading this list of scholarships, you might have some unanswered questions in mind. To solve that for you, the Appalachian State University has included some popular questions that have been asked by previous students who were interested in Appalachian State University’s Scholarships.

If you have any questions, visit Appalachian State Frequently Asked Questions.

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