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AIT stands for Asian Institute of Technology is an international graduate institution that teaches in English, and it focuses on engineering, environment, and management studies. In order to prepare their graduates for their work ahead, AIT uses hands-on research and outreach programs that enhances the graduate’s skills to the next level.

In order to lessen the financial burden of their graduates, AIT offers many scholarships on a competitive basis; however, most of them are full-ride scholarships so come prepared!

Types of AIT Scholarships

Interestingly, the only type of AIT Scholarships are the full-ride scholarships, and the scholarship values of the 14 AIT Scholarships are the same throughout. Depending on the degree, the scholarship period will change, but other than that, the benefits will stay relatively the same.

General AIT Scholarship Values

  • Coverage of Full Tuition
  • Registration Fee
  • Room & Board (Housing)
  • Living Stipend

For Master degree program, the scholarship period is 22-24 months (4 semesters). For Doctoral degree program, the scholarship period is 41 months (7 semesters).

As you can see, the scholarship period will depend on your degree, so make sure you carefully read the eligibility requirements for each scholarship!

1. HM King’s Scholarship / HM Queen’s Scholarship (Masters)

Offered by the Royal Thai Government, His Majesty the King’s Scholarships and Her Majesty the Queen’s Scholarships are Master Level Scholarships that are awarded to prospective candidates from Thailand and other Asian countries.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a Citizen of Thailand or a Citizen of an Asian Nationality
  • Have Graduated in Related Fields* from an Accredited Institution
  • Have a High Proficiency of English**
  • Have a Excellent Academic Record in a 4 Year Undergraduate Program
    • EITHER Be From Universities with QS Ranking within 1,000 or better with cGPA*** 3.0 and above (or equivalent)
    • OR From Universities with cGPA 3.5 and Above (or equivalent)

*The related fields of Engineering, Technology, Management, Environment, Resources, and Development are included. If you have questions concerning the specifics, please visit the scholarship link down below!

**Since the Asian Institute of Technology teaches in English, it wants prospective applicants to speak and write English pretty well, so make sure that you have a firm grip in your English before applying for this scholarship! Also, applicants in Thailand can take AIT English Test if you want to prove your proficiency in English.

***cGPA refers to Cumulative Grade Point Average. Instead of GPA, cGPA is cumulative for the whole four years, so make sure that your grade is above average and keep it that way!

To Apply, Click Here!

2. Loom Nam Khong Pijai Scholarships (Masters)

Since it is also known as the GMS Scholarships, I’m going to use this title to address this scholarship. To provide great opportunities for students from the Greater Mekong Sub-region, the Royal Thai Government awards this full-ride scholarship to students of diverse backgrounds.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a Citizen of Thailand, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Vietnam, or China (Yunnan and Guangxi Provinces)
  • Graduated in a Related Field* From an Accredited Institution
    • EITHER Be From Universities with QS Ranking within 1,000 or better with cGPA 3.0 and above (or equivalent)
    • OR From Universities with cGPA 3.5 and Above (or equivalent)
  • Have a Good Academic Record in a 4-Year Undergraduate Program
  • Have a High Proficiency in English

*The related fields of GMS Scholarships include the areas of Infrastructure Development, Energy Technology, Oil, Gas, Natural Resources Development, Environmental Engineering, and Management.

Very similar to the requirements of the previous scholarship, but it has a specific nationality requirement and also additional related fields. For application deadlines and contact details, click on the link down below!

To Apply, Click Here.

3. Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program (Masters)

Compared to other scholarships, the Bank-Japan Scholarship Program has way more eligibility requirements, so make sure that you meet each requirement before going to the next one!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a Citizen of a ADB Borrowing Member Country
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree or Its Equivalent
  • After College Graduation, Have at Least 2 Years of Full-Time Professional Working Experience at the Time of Application
  • Have a High Proficiency in English (Oral and Written)
  • In Good Health / Age Limit*
  • Agree to Return to Your Home Country After Program Completion

*Age of the applicant should not be more than 35 years old. For programs designated for senior officials and managers, the age limit is no more than 45 years old.

List of Ineligible Applicants

  • Executive Directors, Alternate Directors, Management and Staff of ADB, Consultants, and Relatives of ADB Are Not Eligible
  • Staff of AIT Are Not Eligible
  • Applicants Living or Working in a Country Other Than His/Her Home Country Are Ineligible
  • Applicants Already Enrolled in a Graduate Programs Cannot Apply

Additional* Scholarship Values

  • Coverage of Medical Insurance
  • Coverage of Traveling Expenses (Plane Tickets, and More)
  • Thesis / Research Allowance

*In addition to the general scholarship values, the above benefits will also apply for this scholarship.

For applicants willing to apply for this scholarship, the AIT has provided the selection criteria, which includes preferences and priority, and has also listed the application procedure for the Bank-Japan Scholarship Program. In addition, it has listed the application materials to turn in, so be sure to check the link down below if you want to apply!

To Apply, Click Here.

4. Bangchak Master Scholarships

This fully-funded scholarship program is awarded to graduated college students who are looking for a Master’s Degree, and the AIT is looking for applicants in three areas: Energy, Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology (FEBT), and Environmental Engineering Programs (EEM).

General Eligibility Requirements

  • No Nationality Restrictions (Open to Everyone)
  • Graduated with a First Class (Honours) Bachelor’s or Graduated with a 3.0 GPA from Famous Universities
  • Proof of English Proficiency*

*IELTS or AIT EET score above 5.0. If you are in Thailand, take the AIT form of English Proficiency Test, and if you are elsewhere, take the IELTS to prove that you can speak and write English proficiently.

AIT has listed general qualities of a great researcher, so be sure to read over that list if you are really interested. In addition, it has specific requirements for each area (Energy, FEBT, and EEM). So, if you want to go to Energy, you just have to meet the General Eligibility Requirements, and the Specific Requirements for Your Field.

Specific Requirements for Energy Area

  • Have Exceptional Coding Ability in Tools such as Matlab, Python, etc., and Have Experience in Design OR Have Electrical Power System Analysis and Power Electronics Stimulation Tools
  • Have Experience in Hardware / Knowledge About Converters and Prototype Development

Specific Requirements for FEBT Area

  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology, Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Food Science, and Technology Plus Similar Related Fields

Specific Requirements for EEM Area

  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Public Health Science, or Related Fields of Applied Sciences
  • Have the Ability to do Programming and Have Experience in Design + Modeling of Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Have Experience / Knowledge on Bioreactor Controls

If you do meet the requirement of your specific field and are up for a challenge, be sure to apply for this scholarship. This student assistantship is available to only three students (one for each area), so make your application shine if you really want this scholarship!

To Apply, Click Here.

5. Bangchak Doctoral Scholarships

This is very similar to the previous scholarship with slight changes to the application requirements. If you did read through the Bangchak Master’s Scholarships, quickly skim through the requirements to see the small changes.

General Eligibility Requirements

  • Open to Every Student
  • Have Graduated with a First-Class (Honours) Bachelors, and Also with a Master’s Degree or Equivalent (Have a Master GPA Above 3.50 out of 4.0 GPA Scale)
  • High Proficiency in English (IELTS or AIT EET Score Above 6.0)

Very similar, but you need a Master’s Degree and also a higher grade on your English Proficiency Test.

Specific Requirements for Energy Area

  • Have a Experience Dealing with Energy
  • Have Experience / Knowledge in Hardware, Converters, Prototype Development
  • Have Exceptional Coding Ability in Tools Such as Matlab, Python Etc. and Experience in Tools Such as Simulink / PSIM/ LabVIEW or Other Electronics Stimulation Tools

Specific Requirements for FEBT Area

  • Currently Hold a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology, Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Food Science and Technology, Plus Related Fields

Specific Requirements for EEM Area

  • Currently Hold a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Public Health Sciences, or Related Fields in Applied Sciences
  • Have the Ability to do Programming, and Modeling Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Have the Experience Plus the Knowledge on Bioreactor Controls

As you can see, there are many things required by the AIT if you want to receive this scholarship, so be sure that you are doing the best in your field, and if you are not, please improve! In addition to the great scholarship value, there is a great opportunity to work after the internship!

To Apply, Click Here.

6. WE Consultant Scholarships (Masters)

For the scholarship description, you can get that information by clicking on the scholarship link down below, and in order to save my time and yours, I’ll only be listing the eligibility requirements of each scholarship. Also, keep in mind that each scholarship is a full-ride scholarship!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a Thai National (Graduate of Chulalongkorn University)
  • Planning to Study in a Structural Engineering Master’s Program
  • Have a Cumulative GPA of at least 3.00
  • Have a IELTS Score of 6.0 or AIT EET Score of 6.0
  • Meet the Admissions Requirements for Master’s Degree Program

To Apply, Click Here!

7. Thai Pipe Scholarships (Masters)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be One of the Following:
    • American from Virginia Military Institute (VMI)
    • Citizen of Republic of Maldives
    • Citizen of Timor-Leste
    • Citizen of One of the ASEAN Countries
    • Citizen of China
  • Have at least 2 Years of Water-Related Work Experience from the Government Sector*
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering or Related Fields**
  • Meet the AIT Admissions Requirements

*This scholarship is for applicants studying in Water Engineering and Management, Environmental Engineering and Management, and Resources and Development.

**Must have a GPA of at least 3.00 or higher.

To Apply, Click Here!

For Joint Degree Masters Programme on Urban Water Engineering and Management, Click Here!

8. Joint Japan / World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (Masters)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a Citizen of a World Bank Member Developing Country
  • Does Not Hold a Dual Citizenship / Be in Good Health
  • Have Earned a Bachelor’s Degree at least 3 Years Before the Application Deadline
  • Have Accepted to Enroll in at least One of the Preferred Programs*

The preferred programs are listed in the link down below, but it is subject to change since it varies year by year. Instead of listing the programs of the current year, I strongly encourage you to check the current information in the link, and in addition, you can’t apply if you are related to the World Bank Group in any way.

To Apply and To Know the Specifics, Click Here!

9. Japanese Government Scholarships (PhD)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a Citizen from One of the Following Countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka
  • Have Excellent Academic Records Both in Undergraduate and Graduate (Masters) Transcripts
  • Currently Hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree*
  • Depending on Your Field, Submit a Short Outline of Dissertation Research Proposal
  • From a AIT Faculty Member, Receive a Confirmation Letter of Supervision and Availability

*The minimum GPA of a Master’s Degree is 3.5 or higher.

To Apply, Click Here!

10. KURITA* Scholarships (Masters)

*KURITA stands for Kurita Water and Environment Foundation

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a National of an Asian Country
  • Must Meet the AIT Entry Requirements*
  • Currently Hold a Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent
  • Submit Two Letters of Recommendations
  • Have a High Proficiency in English

*The link to the AIT Entry Requirements down below, and to see the list, you will probably go to the AIT application portal.

To Apply, Click Here!

11. BRIGEX Scholarship for Structural Engineering (Masters)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Meet the AIT Entry Requirement
  • Be of Any Nationality (Malaysian Nationals Preferred)
  • Have at least 2 Years of Engineering-Related Work Experience
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with a cGPA of 3.00

To Apply, Click Here!

12. INDEX International Group Co. Ltd. Bonded Scholarship (Masters)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a Citizen of Thailand
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree with a min. cGPA of 2.75
  • Have a Minimum English Score Above 5 (IELTS or AIT EET)
  • Meet the AIT Entry Requirements

Note: This is a bonded AIT scholarship, meaning that the scholarship recipient will need to sign an agreement with the company. After graduation, the scholarship recipient will work for 4 years with the company.

To Apply, Click Here!

13. China Scholarship Council Scholarships

This scholarship is only for Citizens or Permanent Residents of the People’s Republic of China, so if you fit the key eligibility requirement, click on the link below for information concerning the entry criteria, application procedure, and for specific scholarship details

To Apply, Click Here!

14. SCG Scholarship

This scholarship is for the following schools: School of Engineering & Technology, School of Environment, Resources and Development, and School of Management. The applicant must be a Citizen of Thailand, and meet the AIT Entry Requirements.

To Apply, Click Here!

Conclusion: Reached the End!

Whew! That was a lot of scholarships to cover, and to your dismay, there are a few more. If you want to see the list of AIT Scholarships, go ahead by clicking on the link down below. Thank you for sticking with me, and have a great day!

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